Website, Activate

I recently launched the website for my company True North and its chock full of visioning info, background and testimonials.  I’ve been working with entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits here in town to define… Continue reading

In the Kitchen with the Lynch Family

Homemade muffins, lots of bubbles and some good ol’ playtime-check out pics from my afternoon with the Lynch Family here

Website, Activate

Here in Birmingham I’ve started up Lois Ink to provide freelance writing & photography services to clients in the area.  I just completed the website and it includes more info, clips and galleries.… Continue reading

City Bites for Birmingham Magazine: YaYa’s Handmade Chocolate Cake

In the Kitchen with the Bayer-Goldberg Family

Braided challah, the family’s favorite cobbler recipe and a little bit of spilled milk-check out pics from my afternoon with the Bayer-Goldberg Family here

Rolling it Over: Couscous Cakes with Creamy Tomato Sauce

Due to a tasty fish dinner earlier in the week I was in the red for my $10/day budget.  To get back in the black I had to rollover the ingredients on hand… Continue reading

$10 for 2: Pasta with Beet Greens, Mushrooms and Goat Cheese

Cooking for two on €5 a day in Murcia, Spain meant lots of lentils, lots of produce and more chickpeas than you could imagine.  Now living in Birmingham, Alabama, I decided to see what $10… Continue reading

Jorge’s Mole on the Fly

Back in Hidalgo, Jorge’s family spends hours together making homemade mole to celebrate holidays, life events and sometimes just the end of a good week.  He’s been missing his relatives lately and when… Continue reading

Photo site, Activate

I’ve started compiling photos on a new SmugMug site which includes images from Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Taj Mahal and the Himalayas.  It also features a different kind of family portrait-one that captures the… Continue reading

You know you’re in Alabama when…

Instead of Spanish potato chips topped with fresh Murcian lemon juice, you’re offered a handful of American potato stix tossed with Mexican hot sauce